Sunday, April 24, 2011

Journal 9: Jakob Trollback

Trollback + Company is a creative studio that using motion graphics and live action techniques, create compelling narratives for advertisement and entertainment industries. This company is lead by Jakob Trollback and Joe Wright and their past and current clients include HBO, CBS, ESPN, Nike, TED, AIGA, and The New York Times Magazine. They are all about immersive storytelling and their approach to narration is that "a focused, compelling message is essential for successful communication." They are all about the message, and the best way to communication that message.

I found several points made in the video compelling, however, these are the points that I most connected with:

When you are self taught, you are liberated from conventions.
I think this is such an important point, even though it is inevitable to be inspired by another designs or art, there is something intrinsically desirable to define your own style, your own visual language yourself to achieve something that is more uniquely your own. I think this also applies to having the initiative to teach yourself new technologies and techniques as design changes inevitably as new technologies are introduced. It's about being in the moment in this constantly evolving field, and not losing the desire and need to learn new things.

Originality is difficult but liberating.
I'm not going to lie, I think true originality is a little hard to achieve, but this might be because of the conversation I had the other day with Alexander about Nietzsche and the his ideas of no unique originality. However, with that said, I don't think it's impossible. And I do that as designers that is what we all need to be working towards. Because though it is difficult, I think the ride will finally take you there.

Just because you are a designer does not mean you are an adept storyteller. The best way to learn how to tell stories is to write.
As graphic designers we are storytellers, and whether that is in the form of print or motion graphics, or what not, the core of our message is a story communicate to our audience. I think this semester has really showed me how important writing is for me to develop my ideas, whether it is mind mapping using concept maps, word maps, free writing, or just brainstorming simple statements or mission statements on paper, this is where I can freely figure out my message without the pressure of visual shapes or objects. The projects that have come to me the easiest are the ones where I spend the most time on the front end, developing a story on paper, sketching down my concepts, creating image boards that express the moods and emotions that I know I am trying to invoke. Which also means that I have a lot of writing to do tonight, because of the speech project and the branding project that I need to get a better grasp on.

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