Monday, February 14, 2011

20 Rules of Good Design

The three that I think are the most important:
Concept: Having a clearly defined concept and creating work that is focused towards that concept and maintaining the honesty of that concept.
Be decisive: The idea of doing things with a purpose, or not at all.
Communicate not decorate: Communicate the concept, not adding elaborate or extraneous elements just for pretty sake.

The three I need to practice:
Type is image, it just as important: This is also one of my most important rules, a close close tie with communicate not decorate. It's something that something I lose sight of when I'm designing, sometimes the simplicity of a word or phrase, how short or long a word is makes designing around it difficult. The simplicity of the words "Dandelion Wine" and "Ray Bradbury" during this bookjacket redesign project has really challenged me, and focusing on the type and letting that shine through without being so dependent on imagery is something I'm working on.

Squish and separate: Need to work on my typography skills, paying attention to all the hierarchy rules, typographic color, size contrast, etc elements from last semester that I need a refresher on.

Negative space, create it, not fill it: I love the swiss and Jan Tschichold and whatnot because there is something about their creation of negative space that resonates with me on a visceral level. I need to utilize space better, create it, embrace it.

The ones I think should be ignored:
Type is only type when it's friendly: eh. Since I'm on Tschichold..I don't think his type is necessarily the most friendly, it's plain and unobtrusive, and kinda harsh along the edges, but I love it and I think it's a great reflection of type.

Ignore fashion: We are designers, we are supposed to be mindful of fashion and the needs of a client, who are probably really mindful of fashion in relation to their image.

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