Monday, August 30, 2010

Wednesday August 25 Questions

-In regards to alphabet variation define. .

_Define weight: overall thickness of the strokes, in relation to their height

_Define width: horizontal measure of a letter, the set width is the body of the letter plus a sliver of space that protects it from other letters

-In regards to measuring type

_How is type measured in inches, mm, points or picas: typography can be measured in all of these units, however, in efforts to standardize the measurement of type, the point system is mainly used today

_Define point: .35 mm

_Define pica: commonly used to measure column widths, one pica is 12 points

_How many points in an inch? 72 points

If a letter is set in 36 pts about how many inches tall is it? 1/2 inch

_How many picas in an inch? 6 picas

_How many points in a pica? 12 points

_Define x-height: distance between the baseline and the top of the main body of lower case letters

_Define cap height: height of a capital letter above the baseline

_Define leading: distance between lines

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